- What is VotePlayers about?

VotePlayers is an innovative platform that allows users to evaluate soccer players based on their performance.

- How many competitions can I vote in?

Currently, we support voting in twelve competitions, but expending the number of competitions to give our users a better voting selection is part of the future plans.

- How does the voting system work?

Upon the completion of every game, voting becomes available for users. A scale from 1 to 10 is used to rank the performance of each of the players in the game. The scale also has qualitative descriptions to spice up the voting.

- How long can I vote for?

Users can vote for up to seven days after the match is played.

- What happens after I vote?

After the voting is over, our algorithm determines the “Man of the Match” based on what player gets the most votes. Our algorithm is designed to make voting fair, eliminating spam and unwanted intruders.

- Can I leave comments?

Yes. In fact, users are encouraged to leave comments and start discussions after each of the matches.

- How do I know when the voting opens?

Registered users can sign up for alerts, notifying them that the voting for their team has begun.

- Can I incorporate VotePlayers into my site/blog?

Definitely! With an easy code manipulation, users can install our flash plug-in on their site. We offer plug-ins for single matches, teams or individual players. For more details, go to “Our Products.”

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